Client Testimonials

Engage the Audience

My company was lucky enough to have Maria present at an event for entrepreneurs. She led the group through a fun, informative workshop session on how to network effectively. She was engaging and warm and her information was both practical and innovative. Finally, she was an absolute joy with whom to work. I highly recommend her as a speaker for your event. You’ll be delighted.

Cherie Anderson Dream Lab

CEO, Dream Lab and Event Planner

Deliver Confidently

Maria is a godsend. She helped me with the entire Speech process– from clarity on my core message, tightening my talk and the effective flow of my content. Then she coached me to deliver a confident, engaging presentation and how to use the stage fully. 

I would recommend Maria to anyone wanting to create a professional and entertaining talk. 

Dhiresha Marshall

Owner, Dhiresha Marshall Coaching

Connect with Your Audience

In less than 30 minutes, Maria helped me completely transform my talk. 

With her keen skills, she helped me see that I’ve been telling the wrong story – keeping me from truly connecting with my potential clients and costing me sales! 

Carole Freeman

Clarify Your Message

Maria helped me identify what was unique about me and my work. I’m able to differentiate myself, how I help people and the results they get when working with me. 

Maria demonstrates a brilliant instinct to hear who you really are, what your work is really about, and what your true message needs to be to attract the right people to you. My message is now much clearer and more powerful than before I worked with her. I highly recommend her work. 

Linda mercer
10-Minute Wellness: Small Steps to Heal Your Body and Live a Healthier, Happier Life 


Speak Your Brilliance

I’m so blown away by Maria and the business turn-around that emerged from her laser-focused style. She “gets” it. She helped me see the brilliance that exists in my stuff and empowered me to share with confidence.

Amy Andrews Payleitner


Engage on a New Level

I’m engaging my audience on an entirely new level. Not only did Maria help me find the clarity and powerful words to deliver my message, she helped me create a strategy to bring it all together.

John Richter

your Next move

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