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Looking for someone with just the right blend of expertise and personality? Someone who can help move the needle and deliver a memorable event or workshop?

Maria is the go-to expert for speaking with purpose, presence, and power. A certified coach, bestselling author, and seasoned corporate trainer, she can inspire, educate, and raise the energy level of your audience.

With over 20 years of learning and development leadership in Fortune 500 companies, hustle as a business owner, and the charm of an experienced entertainer, she genuinely connects with audience members, and delivers what they need.  

Many have said they appreciate her natural, playful style, and the commitment to shifting people into a richer space.  Your group will buzz with ideas as they actively learn new ways to connect with themselves and others, play at their highest level, and speak with impact.

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Delivered as Keynotes or Breakouts

  • Speak Like A Pro and Watch Your Sales Grow
    This talk is designed for marketing and sales professionals, attorneys, business owners, association leaders, and entrepreneurs to gain that elusive extra edge. Audiences will learn the what, why, and how to speaking with impact. Speaking and communication is the most important skill you  need to market and grow a business. This talk provides the secrets to engage an audience of 1 or 100 with confidence and credibility, and monetize the core message.
  • Network  Like Charlotte and Build a Winning Web
    Networking is simply having a conversation. This session helps business professionals build, leverage and maintain their network, which is the golden path to results. Your audience members will learn how to introduce themselves and work a room (without “working” the room). They will understand how to develop the language, mindset and techniques that build rapport, bringing in more of the right clients.
  • Show Up and Shine: How to Build Leadership Presence that Pops
    In this session, audiences gain insight into the special sauce that can propel them forward. They will learn how to speak, carry themselves, and influence others so they can move ahead in their business or career. Connect with stakeholders, prospects, or colleagues in a way that is professional but warm, credible but relatable, and confident but not arrogant. They leave the session knowing how to use confident body language, natural conversation, and high energy to leapfrog to higher levels of success.


  • A/V Needs: Maria uses a slide deck and requests a projector and screen. An over-ear or lavaliere microphone is preferred, but a wireless handheld is acceptable.
  • Arrival: Maria will arrive at least 45 minutes prior to presentation start time to test A/V, set up display table with books (if applicable), and ensure any handouts are distributed.
  • Book Signing: If you would like to include books for your attendees (discount for bulk orders), we recommend having a table in the back where attendees can have their book signed.
  • Photos & Video: Photographs, audio recording and/or videotaping must be approved by Maria and all copies provided to her.


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CALL +1 952-500-2790 OR contact maria below

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