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Looking for someone with just the right blend of expertise and personality? Someone who can help move the needle and deliver a memorable experience at your event?

Maria is a widely known expert on speaking with purpose, presence, and power. An executive coach, bestselling author, and seasoned corporate trainer, she enlightens audiences on the power that is already at their fingertips, just waiting to be tapped. 

With over 20 years of leadership in Fortune 500 companies, Maria brings real-life experience around how to use powerful language, presentation skills, and body dynamics to tip the scales in your favor. And she does it in a relatable and humorous way. Your group will actively learn new ways to connect with themselves and others, speak with impact, and play at their highest level.


Delivered as Keynotes or Workshops | Customized for Your Event

  • Speak Like A Pro and Watch Your Business Grow
    This talk is designed for marketing and sales professionals, attorneys, business owners, association leaders, seasoned experts, and entrepreneurs to gain that elusive extra edge. Audiences will learn the what, why, and how of speaking with impact – the most important skill needed to market, sell and grow a practice or portfolio. This talk provides the secrets to engage an audience of 1 or 100 with confidence and credibility, and move them to inspired action.
  • Networking: Where the Conversation Begins  
    This program helps business professionals build, maintain, and leverage their network, which is the golden goose for continued advancement. Effective networking is simply having the right conversations with the right people. Your audience members will learn how to introduce themselves and mingle in a way that is likeable and builds trust. They will understand how to develop the language, mindset and speaking techniques that build rapport, as well as how to take informed action on those connections.
  • Show Up and Shine: How to Build Leadership Presence that Pops
    In this session designed for leaders, the audience gains insight into the secret sauce that can propel them forward. They will learn how language, body movements, and microexpressions influence others and either build up or damage their business or career. The right mindset and skillset are what connects them with stakeholders, prospects, or colleagues in a way that is professional but approachable, credible but relatable, and confident but not arrogant. They leave knowing exactly how to use body language, power dynamics, and savvy speaking to move into higher levels of success.


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