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The short time I spent with Maria was like an epiphany! With her coaching, she helped bring a completely new focus to my marketing efforts. Because I now recognize my business as a unique, valued service that changes people’s lives, I speak in a way that attracts the right people and builds strong connections. If you want clarity and excellent messaging, I highly recommend working with Maria! 

-Barb Fordyce, President/Owner, Certified Senior Advisor at Oasis Senior Advisors Minnetonka 

Seeking Speaking Mastery  

Speaking is much more than just talking. It is about using your whole being – your purpose, presence, and power – to build meaningful, strong connections with others, in conversation or while speaking to an audience.

Knowing WHAT to say and HOW to say it is a critical lever that will help drive your business. 

Mastery is simply seeking excellence. Stepping up and dedicating yourself to become the best you can be.

What is my mission?

I coach experienced, dynamic, growth-oriented women entrepreneurs how to master their presentation and positioning in the marketplace so they can change lives and reach higher levels of success (yes, you can do both). In doing this, you move toward complete clarity in your messaging and learn to speak from a deep inner place of power.

How does it work? 

Together, we work through a 3-part system in either my 12-week program, Master Your Message, or more rigorous 6-month program, The Incubator.

1) Purpose 

Understand your WHY at a deep level
Clearly and confidently explain how you help people
Create talking points in alignment with your brand 

2) Positioning 

Know your WHY and let it drive your personal brand
Easily describe who you are
Discover how to position yourself as a market of one
Engage your audience and generate more leads

3) Packaging 

Design a strategic, revenue-driven platform
Develop programs that serve your community and drive your brand
Use pricing to position yourself and your brand

What is the result?

The results are big. My clients consistently experience significant shifts in both their personal and professional lives. Because your business is all about you, we delve into who you are and what drives you.

Whatever your goal in your business, I dare you to take it one step further. Stop playing small – you’ll be amazed at what you can do. 

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