The Key to Overcoming Fear of Speaking

The Key to Overcoming Fear of Speaking

Blog We’ve all heard that speaking in front of a group is the greatest fear for many people…even more so than death.  So, one has to wonder – what is possibly so scary about speaking that you’d rather die than stand up and present? Here’s the...
Time to Rise to a Higher Level

Time to Rise to a Higher Level

Blog And a good morning to you, America. Yep…Donald Trump is president. I’m still scratching my head and remembering back to his gradual rise, nervously laughing him off as just a media sensation. Regardless of who you voted for, it’s time for all of us...

Let’s Get Physical


Bo Eason leads a fascinating exercise with a group of speakers to get in touch with owning the stage through their physicality. Connecting with our predatory selves allows us to create a safe space for everyone in the audience. Mark your territory – no apologies…own the room.

Excuse Me While I Power Pose

Blog Many researchers and writers focus on the impact that your body language has on others. Well, Amy Cuddy shares a breakthrough twist on how to think about your body language. Her team’s research has shown that what you do with your body influences your OWN...

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