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Want to own the room before you even walk on stage?


Want to get clear on your message, story, and purpose?


Want to feel confident and get rid of speaking jitters?


Want to connect with your audience on a whole new level?

Let’s Get There Together

Are you a heart-centered entrepreneur, expert, or consultant who wants to get clear on your message and learn how to confidently and effectively address an audience? If so, I can show you how to get there more quickly!  

Speaking is a skill that can be learned. If you want to own the room before you even walk in, I can show you how. 

If you want to connect with your prospects, clients, and audience at a deeper level, I can show you how. 

If you want to finally be clear about your message and feel good about what you’re doing, I can show you how. 

It all starts with owning your value and getting clear on your message. Read the transformations below that some of my clients have experienced. 

I’m so blown away by Maria and the business turn-around that emerged from her laser-focused style. She “gets” it.

I was stranded at the threshold of a new message, a new product and a new audience! Maria’s expertise and vision revealed the true message I wanted to deliver. She helped me see the brilliance that exists in my stuff, pointed out what my heart really yearns to share, and empowered me to share with confidence.

What a makeover I feel! It’s like I took a week off, got to rest and receive, but it was simply Maria’s eyes, ears and her gift, working with me on my stuff. Thank you, Maria!

Amy Andrews Payleitner

CEO/Founder, Feel Good Again Health

Oh my GOSH! Maria is a speech crafting master. In less than 30 minutes, she helped me completely transform my talk. With her keen skills, she helped me see that I’ve been telling the wrong story! This was huge, because it was keeping me from truly connecting with my potential clients, and ultimately, costing me sales.

Now I know how to connect with my audience on a deep, emotional level and truly transform lives. If your speaking engagements are not leading to more clients than you can handle, you need to call Maria right now!

Carole Freeman

MS, CN, CHt, Ketogenic Diet Expert, Keto Carole

Maria helped me identify what was unique about me and my work. I’m able to differentiate myself, how I help people and the results they get when working with me.

Maria demonstrates a brilliant instinct to hear who you really are, what your work is really about, and what your true message needs to be to attract the right people to you.

My message is now much clearer and more powerful than before I worked with her. I highly recommend her work.

Linda Mercer

Author, 10-Minute Wellness: Small Steps to Heal Your Body and Live a Healthier, Happier Life, 10 Minute Wellness

I was impressed with Maria’s passion for what she does. She got me excited about my program again at an entirely new level!

Not only did Maria help me find the clarity and powerful words to deliver my message, she helped me create a strategy to bring it all together. And now I’m ready to engage my audience on an entirely new level.

If you are an entrepreneur, trainer, or coach, and want to move your business forward – definitely call Maria!

John Richter

Owner, Student Peak Performance

Discover your brilliance, build new skills and deliver your message in ways that will have your audience loving you!  

Think about it. What will it cost you to stay where you’re at? 

How many more potential clients will you lose by not working with an expert to help you finally get out there and speak like a pro, so you can double or triple your business? 

If you’re even thinking about it, don’t let this opportunity pass you by! Sign up for a free “Business Discovery Session” and see how you can start speaking and growing your business immediately. 

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