And a good morning to you, America. Yep…Donald Trump is president. I’m still scratching my head and remembering back to his gradual rise, nervously laughing him off as just a media sensation. Regardless of who you voted for, it’s time for all of us to rise to a higher level.

At times like this, it’s natural for us to be caught up in fear, to lament and despair, to propose all the awful scenarios of what could be, what might happen, what we may lose. But that fear-based mindset will only trap us and keep us feeling and acting like victims. And we are not victims.

Think about this. What if all of this is a grander plan by the universe to see just what we’re capable of – to offer us the opportunity to rise to a higher level, and to test our mettle on just how resilient we actually are? What if – just what if – some good actually came of this? In our darkest hour we are always given the gift of searching for the light. It is always there.

Today, let’s choose to see the light. Let’s decide to embrace what is and not fight anymore – it’s just too damn exhausting and only keeps us from being truly free. So, there will be difficult moments, yes – but isn’t that what life is about? It’s about reaching out our hands, holding each other up, and loving one another despite our differences and the fear that may be flooding us. I choose to lean forward, open my mind and my heart and look with hopeful anticipation at what great opportunities are coming around the corner. Join me.

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