Many researchers and writers focus on the impact that your body language has on others. Well, Amy Cuddy shares a breakthrough twist on how to think about your body language. Her team’s research has shown that what you do with your body influences your OWN mindset, and can even quickly change the chemistry of your brain.

Just like others in the animal kingdom, we humans all have the same physical manifestation of power – we expand. We raise our arms in victory, lift our chins and puff up our chest. When you do this, what Amy Cuddy calls “Power Posing” for just 2 minutes, your brain responds by releasing chemicals and “power” hormones that increase your confidence and actually decrease cortisol and stress.

So, if you’re sitting backstage waiting to give your talk, don’t hunch over studying your notes and trying to memorize everything perfectly. Instead, walk tall down the hall, find an empty restroom and be a proud chimpanzee for 2 minutes. That’s right, do a full Wonder Woman in the mirror and talk yourself up. It may seem silly, but it will give you all the testosterone and confidence you need to rock the room.

Watch Amy’s TED Talk here.

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