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Whether you realize it or not, you are telling people who you are every moment you speak. Do you want them to see you as essential, confident, and credible? Then nailing your message and presentation is a must.

My passion is working with smart professionals like you who want to show up with confidence and competence, in a way that is authentic. Knowing your message, how to package it, and how to deliver it can be a game changer for you – and others.

For 25 years, I designed and delivered high stakes training, presentations and learning events at all levels in Fortune 10-500 companies, as well as small businesses, with tremendous success. In 2012, I started my own practice and learned how to apply my corporate skills into the entrepreneurial space. Clients and colleagues know that tucked in my back pocket are principles that can become the tipping point for their message, presentation or learning event. And everything I teach I have personally lived.

Whether delivering a sales presentation, corporate training program, or entrepreneurial growth event, there’s no better time for you to get clear on your messaging goals, build out an effective design, and deliver for outstanding results. NEED A COACH, SPEAKER OR TRAINER? Let’s talk. I can help you and your group figure out your next best move. Maria Lynn Johnson | +1 952-500-2790 |

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Clients Speak with Confidence

In less than 30 minutes, Maria helped me completely transform my talk. With her keen skills, she helped me see that I've been telling the wrong story -- keeping me from truly connecting with my potential clients and costing me sales!

Carole Freeman, owner - Ketogenics

I'm so blown away by Maria and the business turnaround that emerged from her laser-focused style. She "gets" it. She helped me see the brilliance that exists in my stuff and empowered me to share with confidence.

Amy Andrews Payleitner - CEO, Feel Good Again Health

I'm engaging my audience on an entirely new level. Not only did Maria help me find the clarity and powerful words to deliver my message, she helped me create a strategy to bring it all together.

John Richter - Owner, Peak Performance

Maria Johnson Speaking Coach and Bestselling Author

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Just imagine. You know exactly how to articulate your message and influence or educate others with your programs, presentations and learning events. You and your team deliver an outstanding message in a way that builds a strong connection with the audience and strengthens your personal brand.   

Whether you’re a corporate leader, business owner, sales professional, coach, or speaker, you can start moving toward this goal right out of the gate. If you have a program need, let me remove the uncertainty or overwhelm you might have, so you and your audience can have an amazing experience. And as you reach your professional goals, you are likely to have personal breakthroughs, as well. Every one of my clients does.

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